On my way to the storage in Boston

I never let down a promise I’ve made. I told you I would get back to tell you about my way to work at the storage in Boston. Here we are.

Right, the first thing I do (surprise) is to drive away from my house. It starts with me going by the old school. It is so old that even I went there once upon a time. That says quite a lot, doesn’t it? So, the school is one of the first things I see on my way to the storage in Boston. Once I’ve seen that, and avoided hitting kids with the car, I drive up on the highway, going towards the south.

This is a beautiful sight, especially some times during the year. The sun comes up on the horizon and it really feels like you’re waking up with the day, in some way. The way to the storage in Boston is the best right there. I travel the big road with a lot of other people going to other parts of the city, doing completely different things.

I’m driving on the highway towards the storage in Boston for quite a while. 30 minutes of just road ahead. I know a lot of co-workers at the storage in Boston would not agree, but I actually like it. It’s meditative. I mean, It’s trickier when you’re tired but mostly, it’s just very nice.

I usually don’t listen to the radio on my way to work at the storage in Boston. I don’t listen to any music, nor podcasts or anything else. Sometimes I make a call, but that’s only when I need to for work. I prefer not listening to anything but my own thoughts when I travel to work at the storage in Boston. Does anyone recognize this, by the way? I feel like this is pretty unique, but maybe I’m wrong. I’d be happy to hear your opinions in the comment section. Thanks!

Once I arrive in Southie, I make a right turn, and then another, and then a left turn. Then, eventually – and especially if traffic is not too bad, which it actually very often is – I arrive at the storage in Boston. It takes a while for me to get there but I wouldn’t change anything. I like the area in which I live but also where I work. I am particularly very big fan of the team I’m a part of at the storage in Boston.

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